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Explicit Engineering was established to provide professional engineering services and solutions globally.  Our team is supported by more than 30 years of experience and expertise that consists of diverse education and a broad understanding of a wide range of construction materials and technologies; allowing us to provide design solutions with state of the art materials suitable for each specific project.   We provide engineering peer review services, construction management, standard development and special inspection for a wide range of projects within the educational, healthcare, industrial, residential, commercial and government sectors.  We are driven by providing each client with a thorough and thoughtful approach to address each project criteria in order to deliver a cost effective and practical solution. 

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Peer Review

Our peer review services provide an impartial review of engineering and construction documents.

Construction Implementation & Special inspection

In addition to our engineering peer review services, Explicit Engineering also provides services related to construction implementation. 

Standards Development

Explicit Engineering develops and maintains comprehensive design guidelines for various municipalities.

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